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Lakeview Easy Storage

Lakeview Easy Storage

After seeing storage units around Lakeview fill up over last year’s summer, Don Lasley decided a business like that would be a good way to use an empty lot he owns at 290 N. O St.  The 30 by 200 ft. building now under construction will offer 46 units when complete, and will operate under the business name of Lakeview Easy Storage.

Lasley estimated that the storage units would be completed in a few weeks from Friday, Oct. 4, offering 5 x 10, 10 x 10, and 10 x 20 foot units when finished.  There will be some paving done around the building, Lasley said, with all-steel building materials and a concrete floor.

None of the units will have insulation or electricity, but Lasley will provide the door locks.

He also owns the auto body shop building next to the lot and has rented it out for a number of years, but never knew what to do with the empty lot.  For a time, it provided a place for his collection of tractors, which were moved elsewhere a while back.

Lakeview Easy Storage contact information will be available when the storage units are no longer under construction and the business is opened.

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