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Lakeview girls slam dunk Klamath Klash

A weekend triumph was good news for the Lakeview Lady Honkers, who played Thursday, Friday and Saturday, triumphing over Modoc, Lost River and Gold Beach teams.

After winning by a fair margin in their first game against Modoc, 52-39, the Lakeview girls had a tense win against Lost River, scoring 34-31.  A big 61-27 win against Gold Beach clinched Lakeview’s tournament victory on Saturday.

Amanda Arcularius and Delaney Hall were given all-tournament honors.

Their coach, Brandi Harris, said the win came about because the girls came together and played to their full potential.  Most importantly, she said, they played with heart and as a team.

“This is a great way to go into league this Friday,” she added, referring to their upcoming game on Friday, Jan. 10.  “The girls had a great week of practice leading into the tournament, they were focused and working hard together,” said Harris.

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