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Lakeview Golf competes at home

Lakeview hosted its first golf competition of the year on Tuesday, April 30 at 12 p.m. It was an all boys affair, as Ashley Reid did not participate in the event.  Lakeview’s three boys did tee off against two other schools. Hosana and Triad were the traveling schools that competed opposite Lakeview. The day was beautiful, but windy, and the course was fair. The boys broke up into two groups of three while the four coaches played their game as well. Kyle Kensler, junior from Hosana, dominated the afternoon by shooting a 76, a score that no other golfer came close to reaching. Lakeview’s three boys did manage to come in second, third and fourth, however. Tate Lightle led the way for the Honkers, firing a 105. Lightle was followed by Dominic Leal and Davis Collins, who both shot a 106.

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