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Lakeview Ironman planned for June 14

It is a test to find the grittiest, most skilled athlete, Lakeview style. An Iron Man competition is being planned for Saturday, June 14.

A triathlon in the non-traditional sense, the typical events of swimming, biking and running are replaced with sort and roping, golfing and bowling. Organized by Cody King, the High Desert Iron Man Competition is a chance to show off skills and earn some prizes, with an engraved Henry .22 mag rifle being the grand prize. Twenty-eight slots will be admitted for the contest, with 14 teams of two competing in each event.

With each event competitors will be matched with a partner, and based on their finish will be awarded a maximum of 14 points for first place, 13 for second place and so on. The competitor with the most points at the end of the competition wins.

A roping competition will be followed by nine holes of golf and bowling two games. Horses will be provided for the roping competition.

It is a $200 entry fee to enter, with 100 percent payback in cash and prizes. Individual winners of events will receive embroidered vests.

A few slots still remain in the 28-man competition, contact King at 408-482-1047 for more information.

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