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Lakeview town council votes to extend fiber optics agreement

A short but lively Lakeview Town Council regular session meeting was held on Tuesday, July 22, with the council unanimously approving ordinance to extend an agreement with Hunter Communications for maintaining fiber optic lines.

The non-exclusive rights agreement between the Town of Lakeview and Hunter Communications was set to expire on Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014 if not renewed. The franchising agreement permits Hunter to locate, maintain and operate fiber optic telecommunications lines within town limits. The approval of ordinance 850 extends the agreement with Hunter Communications for an additional five years. As a non-exclusive agreement, other telecommunications companies can add additional fiber optics in the area.

Mayor Mike Patrick was absent from the meeting, with council member Sandra Wenzel assuming chairperson duties. Other planned business was delayed for another session because the expected presenters were not in attendance.

Council member Mike Hughes reported on the Friends of NRA Banquet, held on Saturday July 19, stating that while turnout was lower than past years In part because of the Order of the Antelope gathering, funds raised from the auctions and raffles exceeded previous events.

Council member Mike Warren and Town Mgr. Ray Simms both discussed the ongoing negotiations with Red Rock Biofuels. Both stressed that as is typical in negotiation of potential large contracts, as details are finalized the desires of each side can get a little rocky while trying to reach common ground. Of particular note in the negotiations at this time is the prospect of Red Rock bringing natural gas lines into the community, establishing initial infrastructure for possible other customers to tap into the source. Negotiations continue, with further conference calls planned to hopefully result in Red Rock Biofuels reactivating the currently mothballed biofuel plant in Lakeview.

Simms also discussed the upcoming Occupy Lakeview celebration, slated for Saturday, Aug. 16, where downtown Lakeview will be closed off for a town celebration. Proceeds will go towards funding programs intended to instill community pride and ownership.

For video of the Tuesday, July 22 Lakeview Town Council meeting visit the Lake County Examiner’s youtube page or www.lakecountyexam.com.

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