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Lakeview Town Hall discuss air quality, disc golf course

Lakeview Town Council held work and regular sessions on Tuesday, Aug. 11, discussing a range of topics from medicinal marijuana and wood stove restrictions to a proposal of constructing a disc golf course.

An early draft of the proposed ordinance for regulation of medicinal marijuana dispensaries was presented for discussion. See related article in this edition of the Examiner.

Ongoing air quality compliance issues with the PM Advance Plan brought further discussion of a proposed ordinance prohibiting the use of solid fuel burning devices. The mandatory wood burning curtailment ordinance would prevent wood burning on red and yellow days when particulate matter causes noticeable air quality deterioration falling below Federal Clean Air Act provisions. An exception is built into this for certified sole source wood burning, with the hope being that on yellow days people don’t burn enough wood pushing it to a red day.

Ultimate goals of ordinance and air quality compliance focus on getting residents to convert to alternate heating sources or install additional heating sources. With it comes difficulty in certification of verified stoves and enforcement, according to Town Mgr. Ray Simms. The Town continues to refine their planned ordinance, with expectations for the County Commissioners to also address air quality issues starting in September. An additional work session is planned for Tuesday, Aug. 26 to further discuss solid fuel burning devices and air quality compliance.

During the regular session of the meeting, Council Member Mike Warren addressed the issue of insufficient wood chips at the park near the slide resulting in a mud bog for kids at play. Warren would like to see the Town address clean up of parks as a safety issue ensuring proper wood chips at the base of playground facilities. Council Member Michael Hughes also raised concern over bicyclists on sidewalks, reiterating that town ordinance does require bikers to ride in the street.

Department reports included word that Police Chief Jeff Kamp is back to work on part-time duty following a back injury. With another officer also on light duty from injury, Mayor Mike Patrick expressed concern on making sure there was enough police coverage for the upcoming Lake County Fair and Round-Up, which may necessitate some overtime. Public Works Mgr. Ron Wilkie reported on water levels remaining steady at 194 feet in draw down on wells despite recent dry conditions. He dispelled rumors of possible future water rationing, confirmed by the council that there are no plans whatsoever of future water rationing.

Simms reported that construction of the new reader board should commence sometime between Aug. 18-22, with the materials having arrived in town.

Mayor Patrick also provided a proposal received from Bart Snell to construct a disc golf course at Soroptimist Park. Concerns over expense of construction, renewal of an agreement with utility providers over land use, and use of the completed course left the status uncertain. Mayor Patrick planned to confer with Snell further to clarify a few points to determine whether construction of the course was feasible.

The next town council meeting will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 26 at 4 p.m.

For video of the Tuesday, Aug. 11 town council meeting visit the Examiner’s youtube channel or www.lakecountyexam.com.

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