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Lakeview Track and Field a force to be reckoned with, set 15 personal bests

Lakeview’s Track and Field Team traveled to Klamath Falls on Saturday, April 27 to compete in the Sterling Invitation at Oregon Institute of Technology. With the season winding down for the Honkers, signaled by the changing weather and graduation festivities, every tournament matters.

The Honkers went all out at Sterling, with their team setting approximately 15 personal records, according to coach Bobbi Steninger.

“We had a great day,” she said. “We had a lot of outstanding performances.”

Steninger recalled from memory some particularly noteworthy performances, such as sophomore Pierce Schreder, who launched himself 12 ft. in the Pole Vault, and was also part of the four-man group who took 1st place in the 4×100 relay with a combined run-time of 44.97 seconds. Schreder shared in 1st place success with Michael Cooney, Alex Ball and Lane Hadley, who combined to defeat Eagle Point by .02 seconds, in what Steninger called a race that was almost too close to determine the winner. Sophomore Kyle Stanton also did well for Lakeview, placing in the top 10 in both the 800 and 1500 meter races. Stanton took 9th in both, with scores of 2:12.43 and 4:49.81.

The boys of Lakeview placed 13th overall in the competition with 22 points. The girls of Lakeview placed 8th with 41.5 points. Their point total was increased thanks to some stellar performances from everyone. Junior Sophia Landau took 3rd place in the 200 meter and 400 meter races, with respective scores of 27.08 and 1:00.69. Sophomore Miranda Conley took 2nd overall in the Shotput, losing by a hair to Kaylee Biando of Prospect. Conley scored 36-04.50 to Biando’s 36-10.50, an awfully close runner-up score, but a proud moment nonetheless as she bested her personal score by two feet.

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