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Lakeview Women’s Softball League

Lakeview Women’s Softball League

Summer is coming. With the high school year coming to an end along with the sports that go with it, the citizens of Lakeview will need activities to occupy their time. Women that are looking to stay active can sign up for the Lakeview Women’s Softball League.

Thanks to Women’s League Mgr. Ruby Nicholas, the league enjoyed its comeback last year after a 5-year hiatus. There were two teams of 14 girls each, and they competed in Lakeview, Alturas and Cedarville.

Alturas had five teams and Cedarville had two, and the teams each played 14 games.  The women typically carpooled to neighboring Alturas and Cedarville on game days. Lakeview’s teams compete in the same league as Modoc Women’s Softball League.

“We had a blast,” said Nicholas, recalling how the first season of the league went.

This year the games start June 15 and end in August. There are typically two games a week for each team, and they will be played at the high school softball field.

When asked why she started the league, Nicholas joked, “I got tired of watching my husband play.”

The men in Town have a baseball league that starts and ends in the summer of each year. Nicholas wanted the women to keep busy, build camaraderie and exercise during the summer, and a softball league felt like the perfect opportunity.

“I wanted something extracurricular for the women of Lakeview,” she said, “And it encourages us to be active.”

If any of the teams that signed up are tops in the league, they can earn the opportunity to play in a tournament in Cedarville at season’s end.

Those interested in joining can show up to the Gathering Place on 3 N. F St. for signups on Thursday, May 30, from 5 to 8 p.m.


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