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Lakeview YMCA summer meal program now underway

Lakeview YMCA summer meal program now underway

YMCA of Klamath Falls’ Lakeview site commenced their Summer Meal Program earlier this week, starting on Monday, June 10.

Meggan Wright, the child care site director for the local center, noted that the program, which provides free meals on a daily basis, from noon to 1 p.m. on Monday through Friday, is open to a broad demographic of children.

“It’s for any kids, (ages) 1 to 18,” Wright said.  “There’s no income (criteria).  It’s just any kids that want to come.”

The program will continue through Aug. 10, she said.

Meals are prepared in the local facility’s certified kitchen, Wright said, and range from sack lunches to hot meals, grilled on a barbecue.

“We’re hoping to do more hot foods this year, as that seems to be a big hit.”

In addition, a variety of summer season activities are planned alongside the summer meals, which are free for its patrons.  Beach balls, bubbles, jump ropes and other similar activities are anticipated to be part of the program.

Typically, between 50 to 80 meals are served during the program, Wright said.

Guidelines for the meal essentially mandate meals include a balance of all four major food groups (dairy, bread, meat and fruits/vegetables).

Wright also said that plans are underway to host site visits by local agencies and organizations, such as the local fire department and Smokey the Bear, and integrating an educational component for the youth participants.

YMCA’s Lakeview site features preschool programs for children ages three to kindergarten, and an afterschool program that is open to K through grade 6.

Summer camps for both groups are also available, Wright noted.

For more information, contact YMCA of Klamath Falls Lakeview Site, located at 618 S. F St., at 541-947-3500.

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