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Landowners appointed to railroad advisory committee

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners appointed two local landowners to serve on the railroad advisory committee during their regular session held on Wednesday, March 6.

Jack Vernon and Bry Jasper are the appointees that will serve on the committee to represent the interests of private property owners along the Lake County-to-Alturas railway.

A request was also submitted for the county to set aside $25,000 per year for the next five years for replacement and repair needs. These needs primarily pertain to fencing along the railway’s route.

The action followed ongoing discussion from a work session held a day earlier, at which time Vernon told the commissioners that there are 9 miles of fence that needs replacement, and about 31.5 miles of fencing needs immediate repair.

“We all have different concepts for what needs replacement and what needs repaired,” Vernon said.

He said that the figures discussed for replacement costs are based on discussions with other landowners, and also acknowledged that a lot of fencing is still in good shape.

Commissioner Ken Kestner said that a work plan needs to be put together, as all of the work can’t get done in one year. Vernon said he recognized the constraints for getting the work done, and that landowners are not asking for that kind of immediacy.

Vernon suggested that the commissioners join landowners on a trip down the track so that they could see the extent of damage and what the needs are.

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