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LaPlant enters race against Commissioner Dan Shoun

Kenny LaPlant

Kenny LaPlant

Kenny LaPlant, Sr., of Christmas Valley has filed to run against incumbent Position 2 Lake County Commissioner Dan Shoun.

LaPlant said there wasn’t any one specific element which influenced his decision to run for commissioner, and that it’s a pursuit he’s considered for some time.

“I’ve thought about this for the last few years,” he said.  “I don’t want to become one of those people who just complain and does nothing about it.”

LaPlant, who grew up in the Westside area, has lived in Christmas Valley for 10 years.  Currently owner and operator of his own business, K&A Auto & Towing, LaPlant is no stranger to working for himself as well as others, as he previously worked for Ag & Auto, Inc., in both Lakeview and Christmas Valley.

LaPlant said he is concerned by the lack of resolution for a variety of smaller, numerous issues at the county.  He cited subjects discussed by the current Board of Commissioners at their Wednesday, March 19, meeting in Christmas Valley as examples.

“I think our community needs somebody that will cater to them,” he said, noting both large and small-scale issues are of equal importance. “It shouldn’t have to make headlines to get their attention.”

Regarding the proposed ATV ordinance, LaPlant questions the costs to enforce such an ordinance versus adding another Lake County Sheriff’s deputy to either the north or south end of the county.

Given a total staffing of seven deputies for the entire county, LaPlant suggests the gaps in service warrant additional support for the department.

LaPlant also offered kudos for the maintenance that Roadmaster Rick DuMilieu continues to perform on a limited budget on the county’s roads.

He also supports additional examination of utilizing local businesses for such projects as a forthcoming sprinkler system installation at the Lake County Fairgrounds.  Ensuring proper design and execution might result in reduced overall costs, he said.

By realizing practical cost savings here and there, funding could possibly be squirreled away for a future project that would benefit the entire county, he said.

County assets include geothermal resources, recreation and the potential for natural gas development, he said.

Overall, LaPlant said he does not claim to have all the answers, but he wants the opportunity to make a positive difference for Lake County’s residents.

“What I’m saying is I would like the opportunity to try, and try I will,” he said. “The one thing I can promise is that I’m not going to drop the ball.”

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