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Latter-Day Saints Church missionaries land in Lakeview

Two young men recently arrived in Lakeview as part of their two-year missionary commitment to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Joel Johnson, 22, and Alex Thomas Postel, 20, arrived early last month as part of their travels.  The duo was called to serve in the Oregon Eugene Mission, which encompasses territory spanning north-to-south between part of Salem all the way to Yreka, Calif., and additionally east-to-west between Burns and the coast, including the southern region.

Johnson is 18 months into his mission, while Postel is about one year along.  A total of 280 missionaries serve the area, in total, and are governed by the mission president’s directives on where to go.  A new location is a possibility every six weeks or so, Johnson said.

Johnson previously served in Springfield prior to his arrival in Lake County, while Postel was last stationed in Ashland.

The mission trips are designed with a purpose of helping locals in their journey in coming to Christ, Johnson said, as they are serving the Lakeview Ward locally, spanning Lakeview up to Silver Lake.

Their efforts include door-to-door introductions as well individual work with current and former congregation members, he said.

Along with their spirituality focus, they are also available for general service and assistance on a number of forefronts.  An example of their service work includes a recent project helping to spread fertilizer for a local congregation member.

“I think not many people are used to genuine offers for help,” he said.

Johnson said their visit marks the first missionary trip to Lakeview in some 20 years.

Prior to starting his mission trip, Johnson spent a semester at Southern Utah University, primarily taking some elective courses.  He plans on pursuing a college degree, but said he is still sorting out the direction he wants to take.

Postel has done some automotive studies and an internship at an independent shop in Casper, Wyo., and ultimately wants to pursue an automotive-related career.  He hinted at working for one of the Japanese automakers, with interests relating from service technician work all the way up to design.

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