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Law Enforcement Week of Aug. 14

Town of Lakeview Police

Monday, July 29 –

At 5:20 p.m., Lakeview Police was asked to assist with the arrest of Shea Lee Bennett, 27, of Lakeview.  Bennett was arrested for violating her probation agreements.

Tuesday, Aug. 6—

Lakeview Police were dispatched to Lake County Parole and Probation to arrest Michael Travis McCray of Lakeview for a probation violation at approximately 6:15 p.m.

Friday, Aug. 9—

The Lakeview Police Department, assisted by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, investigated a noise complaint in the 1100 block of South 4th Street.  As a result, Donna Cahill, Marissa Prock, Catherine Platt and Eric Penaloza were issued citations for minor in possession of alcohol.  Keith Frank was issued citations for minor in possession of alcohol, and furnishing a premise for the consumption of alcohol by minors.

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