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Law Enforcement— Week of Oct. 9

Town of Lakeview Police Report

Tuesday, Oct. 1 — At approximately 3:48 p.m., while assisting the Lake County Sheriff’s Office with an eviction notice the Lakeview Police Department made contact with Marty David Cogan, 45, of Lakeview.  It was determined that Cogan had multiple warrants and he was arrested and lodge in the Lake County Jail without incident.

Friday, Oct. 4 — At approximately 4:15 p.m., the Lakeview Police Department responded to the report of criminal trespass at the 100 block of South I Street.  Travis Lyle Sipp of Lakeview was arrested and lodged in the Lake County Jail without incident.

Lake County Sheriff’s Report

Saturday, Sept. 7—

Members from Lake County Search and Rescue assisted the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office with an evidence search for a homicide investigation north of Sprague River.

Sunday, Sept. 15 —

Lake County Search and Rescue responded to a call to search for an adult missing following a car accident near Drew’s Reservoir.  The individual was located and transported to the Lake District Hospital by the Lakeview Disaster Unit.

Thursday, Sept. 19 —

Members from Lake County Search and Rescue responded to a call for assistance from California/Oregon Search and Rescue to locate an adult and her infant child missing overnight near Chiloquin.   Both individuals were located in good health.

Oregon State Police Report

Monday, Sept. 23 —

A Ford F350 was pulling a small utility trailer on Hwy 140 westbound when the trailer drifted off onto the gravel shoulder.  The trailer fishtailed and subsequently broke away from the truck, rolling over off the road onto the north shoulder.  Don Deiters Towing responded and removed the vehicle.  The trailer was disabled in the crash and was also removed by Deiters.

Jackson Morris was stopped and cited for driving while suspended and not having car insurance.  The vehicle was impounded by Don Deiters Towing.

Raquel Carter and Andrew Kass were contacted during a traffic stop.  Both were subsequently arrested for outstanding warrants for burglary and dangerous drugs.

Tuesday, Sept. 24 —

A white Toyota pickup struck two black cows while traveling south on US 395.  The pickup sustained major damage.  The driver sustained no injuries.  Both cows were dispatched due to severe injuries.  Deiter Towing towed the vehicle.

Wednesday, Sept. 25 —

A vehicle slid off the road due to ice.  No injuries or damage were reported, and no further details were available.

Saturday, Sept. 28 —

Trooper Tague received a report of a camp that may be hunting for deer near Owen Butte several days before the start of deer season. Trooper Tague with help from Trooper Weaver determined that four suspects in the camp had taken a deer several days before the start of the season.  The hunter who tagged the animal admitted to shooting it out of season.  Two of the other subjects were also convicted felons and one was in possession of a firearm.  The second subject was on parole and was lodged at the Lake County Jail for violation of parole.  The hunter was cited for take during a closed season.  The other three subjects were cited for aiding in take during a closed season.  Three firearms were seized as well as the deer.  The deer was taken to a butcher shop to be donated to charity.

Monday, Sept. 30 —

A trooper overheard a call from local dispatch about a landowner with two subjects found hunting on his property.  The trooper responded and determined that a hunter had attempted to take a deer by shooting from the middle of Westside Road.  The deer acted like it was hit and ran off.  The hunter with his vehicle and his father in separate vehicle entered a fenced and posted field.  The landowner observed them in his field and stopped them on Westside Road.  One subject immediately left the scene prior to the trooper’s arrival.  The hunter admitted to shooting from the road and trespassing.  He also stated that he had another deer hanging at Outback Butcher Shop and was in possession of another subject’s deer tag.  The hunter was arrested and lodged at Lake County Jail.  The subject’s father and subject who loaned this deer tag were contacted and will be charged at a later date.

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