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LCHA hosts competition at Fairgrounds

July 24, 2013 by

Lake County Horsemen’s Association hosted its second event of the summer series on Saturday, July 20.

Krystal Albertson was the Senior High Point winner, Cheryl Theall was the Reserve High Point Winner (senior), Bailey Henning was the Junior High Point Winner, Riley Lake was the Reserve High Point Winner (junior), Kaydyn Kintzley was the PeeWee High Point Winner, and Zaryk Winters was the Reserve High Point Winner (PeeWee).

First place winners are listed below in the order of Senior, Intermediate, Junior, and PeeWee divisions.

Showmanship: Krystal Albertson, Jessica Theall, Ian Kerr, and Kaydyn Kintzley. 

Walk-Trot Warm-up: Kayla Lake. 

English Equitation: Krystal Albertson, Jessica Theall, Bailey Henning, and Kaydyn Kintzley. 

English Pleasure: Krystal Albertson, Madison Mathews, Bailey Henning, and Kayden Kintzley. 

Gaited Horse: Ellen Barker. 

Trail: Ellen Barker, Madison Mathews, Riley Lake, Zaryk Winters. 

Hunter Hack: No senior; Madison Mathews, Riley Lake, Kaydyn Kintzley. 

Cross Rails Jumping (open): Madison Mathews. 

18” to 2’3” Jumps (open): Madison Mathews. 

Western Equestrian: Cheryl Theall, Madison Mathews, Riley Lake, Kaydyn Kintzley. 

Western Pleasure: Krystal Albertson, Kayla Lake, Bailey Henning, Kaydyn Kintzley. 

Reining (open): Madison Mathews

Five Corners Feed, BJ’s Guns and U-lock, Norma Angele, and Anderson Engineering and Surveying sponsored the Buckle series show.

The next show is the third in the summer series and will be a Gaming Show hosted by Deanie Sheridan on Saturday, Aug. 10.

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