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LCMH risk management program discussed

A county-wide compliance program for Lake County’s mental health services served as a topic of discussion during a March 25, work session held by the county commissioners.

Tim Timmons, corporate integrity officer for Greater Oregon Behavioral Health Initiative, returned to provide an update to the commissioners on progress related to a draft program in development.  Timmons previously spoke to the commissioners back in January.

Also present for the meeting was Lake County Mental Health’s Dir. Ben Paz and Vicki Feigner.

The purpose of the draft program is to ensure proper procedures and protocol are followed by the agency to avoid exposure to liability issues.  This includes a code of conduct for all employees and LCMH officers.

An example of an applicable necessity for such a program is the appointment process for the agency’s compliance officer, as well as ensuring confidentiality in reporting of complaints, Timmons said.  Maintaining confidentiality as far as the law allows would include up to the point in which records were to be subpoenaed for a court case, he said.

Commissioner Brad Winters noted that language pertaining to appointing of a compliance officer should include reporting to the County’s human resources director, a point that Timmons affirmed would be accounted.

Yearly reassessments examining achievements related to the mitigation of risk issues would also be included in the plan, and consistency of language pertaining to the compliance officer position were both discussed by the commissioners and Timmons.

Commissioner Winters also requested that the plan address the North Lake Annex site, which he pointed out was not included in the initial draft.

Commissioner Dan Shoun requested that the County’s human resources director, Jay Collins, and legal counsel, Jim Bailey, be kept in the loop on the program’s progress.

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