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LCSD#7 approves new coaches, discuss plans for teacherage

New assistant coaches for fall sports, repairs to the teacherage duplex at Union School, and housekeeping plans in the lead-up to the start of the school year filled the agenda at the Monday, Aug. 10 Lake County School District #7 board meeting.

New Business Mgr. Janet Melsness, taking over for the retiring Mike Getty, explained a delay in bank statements that forced a tabling of financial discussions until the next board meeting.

LHS Vice Principal Jesse Hamilton presented recommendations for new assistant coaches, and stated that several positions were still open and available for community volunteers. See related article in this edition of the Examiner.

The teacherage, a duplex rented by the district out at the Union School grounds, drew much consideration from the board. The facility is half used for storage, and half for a rental space. Intended originally for student-teachers and others associated with the district needing a short-term home, the board considered possibly investing in repairs to upgrade the space or offering it up to non-district employees for rent needing a short term residence, such as Lake District Hospital temporary nurses or students intending to start the RN program at the Innovation and Learning Center.

However, because the duplex rests on school property, limitations such as requiring background checks for residents to be living in close proximity to students may reduce the pool of those able to rent if the district indeed decides to open up the rental space to all inquiries. The current rent offered for the space is $350 a month. While no decision was made on the teacherage’s future, preliminary discussions on maintenance or upgrades may affect availability and rental rates.

Supt. Sean Gallagher asked the Examiner to make a formal presentation to the board on video production and DVDs available for purchase at the newspaper office, which included a highlight video from events covered during the 2013-14 school year.

Supt. Gallagher led a discussion with the board of a list of proposed legislative priorities for the Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA) to pursue during the year. The OSBA requested feedback from the board on priorities to lobby.

Several upcoming events were announced, including a teacher in service breakfast on Monday, Aug. 25 where board members will prepare breakfast for school faculty as a thank you for their work. Other events noted included the OSBA fall regional meeting slated for Tuesday, Oct. 7 and a geothermal project dedication ceremony at Lake District Hospital on Friday, Oct. 3 at 11 a.m.

School principals Will Cahill and Steve Prock presented information on first day of school orientation for new students and the benefits of helping students and parents acclimate to a new school. See related article in this edition of the Examiner.

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