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LCSD7 board approves hiring of two new teachers

Lake County School District #7 School Board met for an executive and regular session on Monday, June 23, approving the hire of two new teachers and debating the possible lease of land to Obsidian Renewables for a solar project.

Business Mgr. Mike Getty provided budgetary updates, recommending that a transfer of $166,000 was necessary into a fund to cover the expense for the seismic retrofit project inside Daly Middle School.

The recommendation was approved unanimously by the board. Getty also warned that the school cafeteria for next year will be at least $6,000 in debt, general operating costs coming to roughly $53,000.

By current rates they would need around 1,000 kids participating in the school lunch program to break even, though numbers vary as regulations keep changing associated with the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.

LCSD#7 Supt. Sean Gallagher spoke of the Innovation and Learning Center (ILC) grand opening event held on Thursday, June 12, which was attended by several board members.

District representatives have begun the interviewing process for finding Getty’s replacement, who is retiring at the end of the summer following decades of service. Supt. Gallagher stated that as much as he hates to see Getty go, he is encouraged by the strong pool of candidates for finding Getty’s replacement.

While the search for a new Business Manager continues, two new hires for teachers were approved at the meeting starting in the fall.

Steven Scovill has been hired to continue the art program at Lakeview High School. Scovill has 15 years of experience in art, including previous teaching experience in Oregon, having spent the previous year as an art instructor in China and South Korea.

Scovill also has resource officer experience, Principal Steve Prock indicating that Scovill could prove a valuable addition to the safety committee. Scovill will handle yearbook, sculpting, digital photography, painting and other art-related coursework.

June Albertson was also announced as a new culinary arts teacher for fall 2014, reviving a Home Ec program that has not been active for the past two years.

Albertson will teach classes in the fall focusing on cooking and home economics. Prock stated that surveys of students showed that at least 70 LHS students had expressed interest in a culinary arts class.

Supt. Gallagher discussed a proposal from Obsidian Renewables, the company that has agreed to build a solar project on LCSD7 property next year. Obsidian has targeted additional lands on district property designated for the Ag program, hoping to lease 40 acres for an additional solar plant. While increased revenue to possibly fund the Ag program is desirable, board members agreed that far more details are needed on the deeded property, value, and potential use of the land before approving a long-term lease.

The next LCSD7 meeting will take place on Monday, July 14 at 7 p.m. at Daly Middle School.

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