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LCSD7 meets, talks updates

LCSD7 meets, talks updates

Lake County School District #7’s school board met on Monday, July 8 at 7 p.m. at the district office. Supt. Sean Gallagher, board members Pete Schreder, Rebecca Hargis, Desi Zamudio, Stefani Roseberry and Exec. Sec. LouAnn Choate were present.

The meeting started with the swearing in of board members Schreder, Hargis and Roseberry by Supt. Gallagher.

All three were reelected to serve on the board this past May. Schreder was nominated as the new Chairman, and Hargis nominated as the Vice Chair.

There were no public comments or correspondents.

An update on the seismic retrofit was provided by Supt. Gallagher, who also displayed some unique items found by the construction crews while gutting the floors.

Business Mgr. Mike Getty briefed the Board on the budget for this past year, and was pleased to announce that they came in at only $502,000 over contingency.

There was also a Public Employees Retirement System update, informing the Board of recent legislation that will increase the rates if Senate Bill 822 is passed.

Legislative updates included the passing of the 6.55 billion dollar budget, and an update from Assessment Coordinator Tami Johnson about the new changes in student testing that will go into effect as early as the 2013-2014 school year.

House Bill 4165 will require that kindergarten students be assessed during the first six weeks of school.

For more information, contact the LCSD7 office, located at 1341 S. 1st St., at 541-947-3347.

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