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LDH to apply significant technologies

To better serve their patients, Lake District Hospital is on the verge of implementing new technologies to modernize medical and health records, information exchange, emergency room records and operation room enhancements.

Charles Tveit, LDH CEO, explains that these brand new technologies will make information readily available for patients, doctors and other hospitals.

One system being put in place is called T-system. This will focus on electronic records in the ER that will make putting what was done easier yet will ensure patient safety. The software’s creator, CPSI, will be helping to bring this valuable service to Lakeview’s hospital.

Another service coming to LDH in the near future is Emergency Department Information Exchange (EDIE) that will connect all hospitals in Oregon when it comes to prescriptions written. The idea behind EDIE is that it will cut down and identify drug seekers who go from hospital to hospital for painkillers or other abused drugs. These connected hospitals will know if the visiting patient has asked for the same remedy elsewhere.

EDIE was created in Utah and first used in Washington. Oregon hospitals realized the success it was having and will now be applied through out the state. LDH will be fully implemented EDIE in September or the nearer future.

A service currently in place is Patient Portal, which is a system that allows patients to view all their medical records online through a secure interface.

A new C-Arm will also be accessible to surgeons in the operating room. Essentially, a C-Arm is a more mobile X-ray that surgeons can use at will in operation. It will be used in more complicated  surgery where moving a patient out of the ER is not feasible.

Tveit has high hopes that these additions will serve doctors, patients and administration in daily medical endeavors.

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