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Legislative issues, new positions discussed

Lake County School District #7 board meeting held on Monday, March 10, went into great detail discussing current measures passed or up for debate in the state legislature.

Supt. Sean Gallagher ran through several measures that could have a direct impact on the school district, including House Bill 4087, which organizes a task force addressing school safety through facility improvements, and Senate Bill 1506, which ensures homeless youth and children of military families have equal opportunity to public education if forced to relocate.

Staffing issues were up for debate, with consideration of acquiring a certified librarian for the school district, which is technically required by state law, but has been difficult to fulfill due to the remote location. The board approved funding for a new grounds crew position with the school district, tasked with vehicle and school grounds maintenance. Application packets are available at the LCSD #7 office.

Also approved for funding were two school field trips planned by LHS teachers for April, a field biology trip to the Oregon coast to visit tide pools and aquariums, and a mathematics trip to Portland.

The letter of resignation from Sarah Davis was unanimously approved with regrets over her departure.

The only contested vote was over the start date of the fall term, where a 2-1 vote approved the first day of school as Tuesday, Sept. 2, designating it as a transition day where students will not have a full day of lectures, allowing teachers to complete general housekeeping tasks prior to beginning regular class schedules.

Other topics included finalizing plans for the graduation ceremony, and an update of the ongoing solar project.

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