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Legislative updates discussed by LCSD#7 board

Lake County School District No. 7 Supt. Sean Gallagher updated the district’s board of directors on a number of legislative issues during their Feb. 10 meeting.

One discussion pertained to a bill regarding North American mascots. An amendment would allow school districts to maintain existing mascots provided negotiations with local tribes are affirmative.

This bill affects LCSD#7 in that the Union Elementary School’s mascot is the ‘Warriors’ motif, featuring a Native American headdress icon.

Prior to this bill, the district would have had to change the mascot by 2017, Gallagher said.

House Bill 2220, instituted in 2011, attempts to thwart inequities of student performance evaluation (tests versus class participation, for example).  The primary concern addressed by the bill is of parents who feel their child’s grade is not truly reflective of their academic capability, Gallagher said.

A new bill would provide more autonomy for teachers to grade their students’ performance and protect that flexibility, he said.

A forthcoming TELL (teaching, empowering, leading and learning) survey from the state governor’s office is focused on learning environment elements, namely promoting a healthy environment through both social and physical means.  The LCSD#7 certified staff will be participating in this survey, Gallagher said.

“We’re actually looking forward to seeing the results and analyzing them to see if there are areas to further improve the climate of our schools,” Gallagher said.

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