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Let’s Work Together— Part II

As for Deputy Pore’, he does his job and he is one of the best on the force. He is the one you call when you are violated. He will go the extra  mile for you to get things figured out and investigate every turn in the road to get to the source of the problem. He needs to be thanked, not kicked in the teeth. As for an abuser, excuse me but you are listening to the wrong people. Wake up, these people who are talking need to tend to their own problems and mind their own business.

Sheriff McDonald will not put up with his employee’s being rude and he will call them in and talk to them, and if he has to he will terminate them if it is bad enough. He does not tolerate the employees being rude to the public, though, we used to get a lot of flack from the visitors too, but had to bite our lip and consider the source.

Now you want to attack the commissioners? You are upset with Dan Shoun. He is a wonderful person and very smart. He is one of the best of the best. Why would anyone want to fix what doesn’t need fixing? Only a troublemaker I guess. As for Brad Winters, he too is a good person and has done a lot for the County. He works hard to get things going and done. Mr. Ken Kestner is a nice guy and very friendly also. I like all of them and I have a special place in my heart for the people in the courthouse and all of the Law Enforcement. I feel we are all a family and I am still part of that family even though I have left home (my job) and live on my own now. They are still my family.

Let’s all work together and make things good and keep people happy. Why keep on hurting everyone? We are a small community and need one another. What do you say, are we going to be team?

 Shirley Lepori


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