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LHS Hall of Fame track & field


Delaney Hall, although just one cog in a small but competitive Lakeview Track and Field team, is quite an impressive cog nevertheless. The 15-year-old daughter to Jeff and Patsy Hall comes from a family of athletes.

Her sister Kelly, 23, was a runner on the team when she went to Lakeview and recently competed at Nationals in Texas for the University of Idaho. Hall, the youngest of four siblings, is perhaps the most well-rounded of the group.

She plays basketball, volleyball, does the Pole Vault and Javelin in Track and Field, and even swims. Hall refuses to feel satisfied, which explains why she spreads herself out to participate in any sport she can.

In addition to her athletic excellence, Hall also excels in school, earning a 4.0 GPA her entire freshman year, and in her sophomore year had a 4.0 her first quarter and a 3.96 her second quarter. Hall is a winner. When asked if she likes to win more than she hates to lose, Hall responded, “I hate losing more.”

Refusals to lose, and an abhorration for it, are what make greatness. Hall’s grades and attitude are emblematic of her penchant for just that. Hall has only gotten better as her sophomore season has progressed.

Since taking third on March 14, she has won first place in five OUT OF six of her last events, even going so far as to break school records. On April 3, Hall threw a 117, breaking the school record set by teammate Miranda Conley less than two weeks prior.

Since then, Hall has broken her own record three times, throwing a 121, 118, and a ridiculous 131. Her success this year has her ranked 10th in the State and 25th in the Nation.

Still, Hall is not satisfied. “I know what my competition is,” she said, “and I just want to compete with the kids from the bigger schools.” She intends to put Lakeview on the map.

As a 3A competitor, Hall stands as the only player in the top 25, and first in that division in the state. Hall credits coach Bobbie Steninger as her biggest motivator. “She (Steninger) just expects the best out of you,” she said. “And knowing that, you don’t want to disappoint her.”

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