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LHS wins appeal, back in 3A competition

Lakeview High School Principal Bob Nash and Athletic Dir. Steve Prock traveled to Salem on Monday, May 20, to speak out against the Oregon School Activities Association’s Draft No. 7. The draft put the Honkers in a bind, taking them out of 3A competition and putting them in a 2A division that Nash and Prock did not feel would be able to sustain their football and junior varsity programs.

The testimony of the LHS administrators appears to have worked. Draft No. 8 came out on Wednesday, May 22, and Lakeview is back in 3A competition. Nash and Prock’s statement helped land them back where they feel they belong, with the caveat that Coquille is now in their newly construction division. Prock was able to predict that some schools might be displeased with Draft No. 8, not unlike they themselves were with Draft No. 7. He hinted at how hard it is for the OSAA to please everyone.

“It always creates a domino effect,” he said. “I’m not sure if other schools are going to be happy with us getting back in 3A, but we had to do what’s best for our school.”

Nash and Prock’s biggest argument stemmed from Lakeview having 3A numbers, which exceed the 190-student cutoff that separates 3A from 2A. Peter Weber, assistant executive director of the OSAA, was part of the Board that heard Lakeview’s testimony. Weber confirmed that the two LHS administrators did harp on numbers.

He also explained the reason for Draft No. 7. “We were trying to do some different things down in that region at 1A, 2A, and 3A levels,” he said. With draft No. 8 now out, Weber anticipates a problem with Lakeview and Coquille being in the same league because of distance. Prock wouldn’t be surprised either.

“It’s pretty much what we thought,” he said. “But now Coquille will have to decide if they want to stay in that league or move on somewhere else.”

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