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LHS wins donkey basketball title

LHS wins donkey basketball title

Call it a battle royal.  Ten teams, fighting for the gold, ten donkeys, two baskets, and one ball.   Donkey basketball returned to Honker Court on Wednesday, March 5.

It was a great turn out from the Lakeview crowd, large enough in fact to open the upper bleachers.  In game one the Lake District Hospital’s Rubber Glovers—complete with nicknames took on the Lake County Youth Mentor Program.

The second game showed true rivalry between the Forest Service and the BLM fire staff.

Next battle was between the 7th Grade girls basketball team and their coaches, up against the WCCF’s Elite Equus asinus, from the Warner Creek Correctional.

Forth game of the evening was the Honkey Tonk Donkeys and the Pardue Construction Warner Valley division.  The final, and most riveting game was between the LHS team and Team Les Schwab.

The LHS team and Team Les Schwab were tied at the final buzzer, six to six.  The game went into sudden death overtime, with both teams fighting to make the first basket.  The LHS team scored on the Schwabbies to clinch the win, and putting them tied with BLM fire with eight points.

When all was said and done, it came down to the two top scoring teams to battle for the ultimate win.  With the LHS team and the BLM fire team both scoring eight points in their respective games, it was decided the tie breaker would be five free throws which would decide the fate of the championship.

The LHS team was first to shoot, and they chose five different team members to contribute each shot.  BLM fire guys decided to choose one person to take all five shots.  The LHS team, with a good majority of the players having just competed in state playoff games, was on their game.  They easily beat the BLM in sudden death five free throws to zero.

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