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Likes Current Elected Officials

I commend Mrs. Nolan for stepping forward to become involved with the local political scene. Hopefully, she has attended many of the monthly commissioners meetings to attain an educated understanding of the views and decision- making abilities of each of the commissioners.

Since 2007, I have worked closely with Commissioner Ken Kestner and Bob Pardee, the assistant to the commissioners for a portion of this time, on a number of projects. Kestner always displayed a quick grasp of each situation that was presented to him by Pardee and me and immediately delved into finding the appropriate solution by research and self study. Should this require assistance from congressional personnel, he never hesitated in locating the politician and contacting their office both by phone and correspondence. His quick actions prevented several crisis related to county situations. Kestner’s proven written and verbal skills and personnel management abilities play vital parts in the job of commissioner.

Each commissioner serves as liaisons for particular departments, and act as the first point of contact for department heads in these areas. All three commissioners equally represent a number of concerns, such as economic development, railroad and the road department. The liaison listing is on the County website, on the Commissioners page. Kestner has demonstrated he is on top of the funding problems related to the Road Department and other economic impact matters throughout Lake County. Along with experience dealing with the sage grouse range problem, and forest issues within the county, Kestner has also taken an proactive approach in dealing with special interest groups like the Oregon natural Desert Association. (ONDA)

I commend Nolan for her enthusiasm, but question her ability to better serve than the incumbent has and is still doing. It will be interesting when she presents her platform for the betterment of Lake County.

 Bert Young


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