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Lions Auction Meets Goals

Lions Auction Meets Goals

Lakeview Lions Club held their annual auction on Saturday, May 3, at the Lake County Fairgrounds, raising funds for the renovations of the community pool.

An unbelievable amount of donation items were provided for the auction from businesses and community members, filling up an entire exhibit hall at the fairgrounds with overflow items spilling outside. Prior to the start of the auction, a flea market and silent auction were held beginning at 8 a.m. featuring a plethora of trinkets and items available for purchase. Food and beverages were also available for purchase.

Auctioneer Lyle Dawson coordinated the chaos when bidding began around 10 a.m., with members of the Lakeview Lions Club and Boy Scouts of America moving items in front of the grandstands of bidders. Larger items included washers, pianos, chairs, electronics, bicycles, swings, and even a vehicle.

Every year the Lakeview Lions Club organizes the fundraiser with proceeds going towards a local philanthropic project. This was the second year in a row that the Lions have raised funds to assist in the renovations of the community pool, slated to re-open on May 30.

A large crowd packed stands around the main stage, necessitating a lot of coordination to swiftly bring items to the area before the auctioneer stage. Bidding was fast and furious, many residents opening their pocketbook to assist the pool project and pick up some great deals.

“We are ecstatic with how it turned out,” said Rob Nichols, Lake County Circuit Court judge and Lions Club member. “We had great community support, all the other service clubs helped us out as well; Soroptimists and Rotary donated and bid on items. The fairgrounds did a tremendous job supporting us this year too, just all around we’re thrilled with how it went.”

In all roughly $13,500 was raised at the event between the auctions, flea market, and food booth.

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