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Literacy baby showers at your library

Literacy baby showers at your library

Lake County Libraries will be hosting Early Literacy Baby Showers for babies born in the summer of 2012 and later at the Lakeview, Paisley, and Christmas Valley libraries in June.

Parents and their babies will be invited to the showers where the community welcomes new family members.  Shower attendees will receive board books, prizes and homemade gifts.

Also, because 90 percent of brain development happens by the age of six, library staff will share strategies parents can use to ensure their child starts school ready to learn to read.

The showers will be on June 1 in Lakeview, June 8 in Christmas Valley, and June 16 in Paisley.

If you have a child who was born or will be born between June 1, 2012 and May 31, or if you know of a family who has a child that age, please contact your local library with a mailing address and Lake County Libraries will include them on the invitation list.

Approximately 56 babies are born in Lakeview every year. Add the babies arriving in Christmas Valley and Paisley, and that’s a lot of babies!  The libraries count on help from each community to make this important event happen.

For example, Lakeview Hooked on Crocheting (4-H) is working to create baby hats for the showers as a community service project.  Carmen Arce, Anna Fledderjohann, Danielle Thames, Hope Brain, Abby Thames, Cora Shepherd, Kamaryn Schneider, Stacie Jones, Brette Graham, Sarah Bowersox, Becca Warner, Ty Whitman, Jocelyn Spears and Sami Nicholl have worked hard (with leadership from Teresa Whitman, Bev Hollars and Tracy Hayes) and had fun preparing baby hats for the newest members of our community.

Other crafters, quilters, and fabric artisans can join together and welcome the tots with the soft and fuzzy fruit of their labors.

The goal is to have 2 to 3 handmade items “won” by each baby.

“So that means we craftsmen and women need to make 112-168 items” said Bev Hills, the craft coordinator in Lakeview.

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