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Little league sign ups are at the bottom of the 9th

As the year rounds the bases from winter to spring, little league returns to Lakeview.

Though they began their online enrollment on Thursday, Feb. 21, Little League Pres. Carly Alves said that those interested can still continue to sign up. With over 75 kids enrolled so far, she hopes to best the large amount of 250 that showed up last year for to play in America’s favorite pastime.

Alves said that they plan to begin practices during the first week in April with their opening day to be held on Saturday, April 20. With Lakeview High School helping them set up the fields, all age groups will take their turn at bat.

“It’s always a fun couple of hours,” Alves said of their first games.

Enrollment in the sport costs $25 for the first child, with a $5 discount for each additional one. Participants can pay by credit card online or by check to Alves.

“We really need umpires,” Alves said, as they continue to plan out the season. “Even for a couple games a season, we are willing to donate to another group of people if they are willing to be umpires. ”

Usually finishing up by the end of the school year, major boys and girls will have the opportunity to play in the All Star games, which will be held in Medford this year.

To sign up online, visit www.eteamz.com/lakeviewlittleleague1. For more information contact Alves at 541-417-0433.

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