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Local author writes on aliens, goblins and birthday wishes

Local author writes on aliens, goblins and birthday wishes

When Bruce Arrington isn’t busy teaching a range of classes on music, art, science and radio at Paisley Public Charter School, Bruce Arrington writes an array of works that can captivate any reader despite being geared more toward young adult readership.

This Paisley author strives to bring something a bit more magical, mysterious and exhilarating to his work. “I’ve always enjoyed something different and that hasn’t been done before,” Arrington said of his sparks of originality he compiles into his books. “I like to tell stories without repeating other things.”

His sci-fi, fantasy epic series, Josh Anvil, is hanging on the release of the third volume. Beginning with the novel “Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door,” the series follows the titular character from Baton Rouge, La. After he discovers aliens living in a swamp near his home he is blessed with extraordinary powers, such as animating the inanimate and healing the wounded. Unfortunately, this makes him public enemy number one for the FBI.  Its sequel, “Josh Anvil and the Pivotal Weapon” is also out, with Arrington working on the third release in the near future.

His other fantasy narrative, “Trial by Fear,” follows a boy named Beon, who is snatched by goblins and forced into slavery. His worldview is “warped to the point of no return” leaving him no choice but to flee.  As Beon is hunted down, he is also gifted with powers from a stranger, but can only use them if he can control his fears.

These stories focus on the classic hero where an unknowing young lad is awoken to a destiny that he or she may not have wanted in the first place. Josh and Beon share this classical arc similar to Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins. “The reader can imagine themselves being that person and explore the possibilities. The ‘what if?’ is a powerful way of sharing a story,” Arrington said.

Young adult literature is not the only area of writing that gets his creative juices flowing. His other work is more focused on the children’s side of the library. “The Seventh Birthday Wish” is a whimsical children’s story about a boy who betters those around him with a series of wishes he receives on his birthday. His follow-up, “The Eighth Birthday Wish,” is similar but tells the story of a girl named Sophie. Florence Jayne, another resident of Paisley does the bright, vibrant illustrations and covers for Arrington’s first Anvil book and “Trial by Fear,” and the “Birthday Wish” books.

Despite having diminishing support from the community from his initial release, Arrington still finds that the community is always there to help him celebrate in his writing triumphs.

Arrington finds influences from everything; kid’s humor, books and movies. Along with these general influences, he does a lot of research online to get a good handle on reality to make the stories more believable.

Writing these majestic tales isn’t something that he has to trudge to accomplish. “I just do it. It’s who I am. It’s satisfying and fulfilling and I plan to do a whole lot more,” Arrington said.

His books are currently on sale through Amazon, at the Lake County Chamber of Commerce and can be checked out at both Lakeview and Paisley libraries.

Visit his website for more information about Arrington at: www.BruceArrington.com

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