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Local officials applaud siting decision

Local public officials, including government agency spokespersons, voiced their support of the recent decision to locate a consolidated fire dispatch center in Lakeview.

“By combining resources, this single dispatch center will be better able to provide faster, more efficient response in the event of a wildfire and improve the safety of fire fighters and efficiency of fire operations,” said Fremont-Winema National Forest Supervisor Fred Way.

Lake County Commissioner Ken Kestner noted the employment opportunities (see related story for additional details) would be a boon to the local populace, as well as afford them to remain in the community.

“We’re hoping our citizens who live here can remain here,” he said.

Similarly, Town of Lakeview Mayor Mike Patrick voiced similar support for the decision, and its positive future impacts.

“It’s really appreciated,” he said.  “We really appreciated locating it here in Lakeview.”

Additional comments from local government agency officials affirmed the logistical benefits to the decision.

“There are a lot of moving pieces in play during a fire season and it makes sense to direct resources from one location,” said Lakeview District BLM Mgr. E. Lynn Burkett.  “Our goal is to have the new combined Interagency Dispatch Center completely staffed and ready for the 2014 fire season.”


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