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Local OHA chapter makes plans for year

Not only were plans made for next year at the Lake County OHA meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 5, some new goose nesting boxes were brought for the group to look at and funding was approved for a project.

Their last activity in October brought the group together to repair some nesting boxes and add four new duck boxes in the Dog Lake area.  Three new boxes were brought to the meeting for the members to look over by Cheran Cavanaugh.

The project was organized by new Project Mgr.Tom Zaronski, who was voted into the position during the previous meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

One of the members wondered if it would be possible for all of the goose nesting boxes to be set up on tripods rather than single posts.

There have apparently been constant problems with the posts tipping over during the year and needing to be straightened back out.

The group also talked over some plans laid out in the last meeting for next year’s chapter events, which included a banquet in April, a Youth day in June, and a guzzler project in July.

For the banquet, the OHA plans to raffle off tickets for a U of O Ducks game, possibly the Civil War game against the OSU Beavers.

In the past, the chapter has had a live auction at one of their banquets for Ducks game tickets.

It was noted that a 40-acre parcel had recently been deeded to the OHA, which brought up some discussion about what could be done to improve it as habitat for wildlife.

Craig Foster, a biologist with the local ODFW, brought a funding request before the group to ask for $2500 to buy 10 mule deer radio collars for research purposes.

Foster is planning a project to determine whether or not deer seen during the winter in the vicinity of Valley Falls summer in the ODFW Interstate unit or the Warner unit.

Tag numbers for each unit are based on summer numbers.  Foster wrote that, according to one estimate, Warner numbers are supposed to be near 3000 deer.

A different means of estimating the population yields a count of around 1900 deer.

The collars would provide a means of ensuring that the correct winter herds would be allocated to the correct summer range, wrote Foster in his request.

Numbers of deer hunting tags released for the Warner area rely on accurate population data, so inaccurate numbers could lead to mismanagement.

The money for the 10 collars was approved by the Lake County OHA chapter during the meeting.

Foster plans to approach the Klamath Chapter OHA and the Oregon Chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation as well to request monies for an additional 10 collars.

Foster noted that, even with only 10 collars, he would move ahead with the project.

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