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Local scouts to earn Eagles

Local scouts to earn Eagles

An Eagle Scout board of review recently approved two local Boy Scouts for advancement, placing them a ceremony away from officially earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

Nathan Harlan and Danny Smith both began their scouting journey before middle school, rising through the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, Star and Life through their years at Lakeview High School.

From Life Scout to where they are now has taken about a year between their Eagle projects, paperwork and other requirements.  Both chose to do outdoor projects for local offices of the Bureau of Land Management and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Smith ended up putting together an informational kiosk at the Hart Bar interpretive site near Hart Lake.

Harlan, on the other hand, helped place around 35 signs for the ODFW, ordered through the BLM.  Signs were placed near roads to six different reservoirs in the southern Plush-Adel area.

Both needed augers to make post-holes, but Harlan was able to use a hand auger where Smith needed Maynard to operate a bobcat auger for the kiosk.

Each said they learned a lot through the work.  “Projects like that you’re not always sure about, you have to adapt to figure out what you have to do,” Harlan said.

“I learned a lot of leadership skills. I was in charge of figuring out pretty much everything – when, where, and who would work on it,” said Smith.

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