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Local self-publishes reflective memoir

Local self-publishes reflective memoir

Sometimes in order to move forward, one has to look back, as learned by Lakeview’s Pamela Koefoed.

Koefoed recently self-published a memoir that reflects upon the early years of her life, growing up in a household as a victim of alcohol-fueled abuse.

“JoyRide — Life, Death & Forgiveness” represents an effort of about three and a half years, and traces the experiences of Koefoed and her sister, Robin, who successfully escaped the dysfunction of their childhood home environment.

“I had one of those challenging childhoods,” she said.  “I was a victim of child abuse, and I fled for my life on a number of occasions.”

‘Escape’ serves as a running theme for the memoir, Koefoed said, as the book retraces a number of experiences, such as narrowly escaping a knife-wielding hood and ultimately overcoming these experiences to learn the healing power of love.

“It’s written with a lot of heart, and the hope is people that have a childhood like I had… will read it, and have hope for their own situation,” Koefoed said.

Among the most vital lessons learned through her own experience is that circumstances do not define the individual, Koefoed said.

“Just because a parent is addicted, doesn’t mean the child will be addicted,” she said. “It’s really about victory and hope, and that there is joy in the midst of pain, and love is the greatest force on earth.”

Koefoed started working on the book shortly prior to her mother’s passing in 2009, and noted that she sought out her sister as well as her mother’s permission to share the story of their early years growing up in the Sacramento, Calif., area.

“When children go through difficult experiences together, it creates a bond that’s very unique,” she said.

Koefoed will host a book signing on Thursday, Sept. 12, at The Gathering Place from 6:30 to 8 p.m.  Copies are also available at Howard’s Drugs as well as from Amazon.com.

In Klamath Falls, the book is available from Basin Book Trader, located at 4846 S. 6th St., as well as Shaw Stationery, located at 729 Main St.  It is also available at For His Glory bookstore, located at 5728 S. 6th St.

In Medford, the book is available at Evangel Bookstore, located in the Rogue Valley Mall.

For more information, visit www.joyridebook.com, or contact Pamela Koefoed at 541-947-4937.

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