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Local youth participate in Motorsports event

Local youth participate in Motorsports event

Local kids Devren Anderson, Stephen Giblin, Crystal Koontz and Clyde Mobley from Lakeview participated in a motocross event put on by Northwest Extreme Motorsports. The event took place at Klamath Falls Fairgrounds John Hancock Event Center on Saturday, April 20, and Sunday, April 21, and was also the debut of Northwest Extreme Motorsports. There were 67 Saturday entrees and 50 Sunday entrees. The group’s president is Joe Riesch, and vice president is Steve Nash.

Arena Cross is an event that is held in a small arena and is typically a “really short, tight track with a lot of jumps,” according to Jeff Anderson, father of contestant Devren. Saturday’s event was somewhat of a motorsports season kickoff, with events occurring once a month up until the fall season. The race in which the kids competed is called a moto, and there were two each day. The motorcycle size and age groups vary depending on ability and size. For instance, Mobley and Koontz compete in the 50cc, six-to-eight-year-old class, Anderson competes in the 65cc, six-to-eight-year-old class, and Giblin competes in the 65cc, nine-to-eleven-year-old class.

It’s common practice that kids start on smaller engine machines and work their way up, according to Anderson.

Anderson, 8, has been racing for three years, and currently races motorcycles with two groups: Modoc Motor Sports and Northwest Extreme Motorsports. In the event in Klamath Falls, Anderson, son of Jeff and Robyn, took 1st place in two Saturday races, and 2nd in both Sunday races. Mobley, son to Chuck Mobley and Kristin Thompson, took 2nd place and 1st place twice on Saturday, and 1st place three times and 2nd place once on Sunday. Koontz, daughter of Scott and Dorene, took 3rd place twice on Sunday. Koontz’ brother, Stephen, took 2nd place twice on Sunday.

Anderson, Giblin, and Mobley plan to hit the road to Cedarville, Calif. to compete in a Modoc Motor Sports event on May 4 and 5.

Northwest Extreme Motorsports will be holding another weekend race on the weekend of May 18 and 19. For details, call 541-545-1407.

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