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Local’s photography showcased at courthouse

Local’s photography showcased at courthouse

A casual glance upon the walls of the Lake County Courthouse these days reveals a little extra color in the form of showcased photography by Godelieve Uyttenhove of Lakeview.

Uyttenhove, who is the technical services assistant at the Lake County Public Library, brings forth a variety of images from several western U.S. locations. Photos feature subjects from Lake County as well as Modoc, Sonoma and West Marin counties in California.

Uyttenhove is a native of Brussels, Belgium, and her photographic interests were sparked by her Flemish father, who taught her how to develop and print black and white photos in their home. A blacked-out living room made this a possibility, Uyttenhove said, noting that the family’s bathtub was used for soaking prints.

Uyttenhove first moved to California in 1973, where her two children were born.

Her career as a librarian dates back to 1984, starting first in schools and then later public libraries. She also worked for the SRJC library in Petaluma, Calif.

Uyttenhove lived in Petaluma for 13 years and Tomales in West Marin County for 11 years.

Between 1993 and 1999, she was the county librarian for Modoc County Public Library, and she arrived in Lakeview to work for the Lake County Public Library in Sept. 2010.

The photos displayed at the courthouse include a number from her stateside homes, but an international element is also included in the form of images captured in Brussels, Bruges, France, Italy and Patzcuaro, Mexico.

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