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Marius gets Theater history display

Marius Building owners Jim Edy and Jim Morton have collected relics of the building’s history as the Marius Theater over the years since they purchased it in 2001.  A display of some of what they’ve found was recently put on display in the lobby of the building against one wall.

“We’ve been researching for years, collecting old photos and posters,” said Morton.

“It’s become almost a hobby,” Morton said about collecting historical information.

Morton added that he always enjoyed trips to Lakeview and Lake County during the time he’s owned the building.  “We’ve owned the building for about 12 years.  It was a business opportunity, and sort of meant to be, I guess.”

He mentioned that another building the partners own in Portland is also recognized as a historic place.  The Portland building originally got him searching, and ultimately he found old photos of the Marius Theater.

Morton also ran across an old movie poster in a closet of the building.

Originally, after Morton, Edy, and Jim Edy’s brother Jerry purchased the Marius, Bob Alger was still alive and had an office there.  Morton had the opportunity to look over a photo album Alger had with many photographs of the building, as well as hear Alger’s personal account of the history behind the Theater.

Morton and Edy also referenced articles from old Lake County Examiner editions included in later Examining the Past segments.  “The interesting thing was, from the time of the building permit until they were showing movies was only four months.  They got the permit in April, and were showing movies by Labor Day,” said Morton.

The Alger family built the Marius Theater around 1930, later building and opening Alger Theater, and also a drive-in theater.

“Bob Alger used to entertain us with stories about selling popcorn and chasing kids out of the drive-in that tried to sneak in,” Morton said.

He thought he’d probably accumulate more historical information and objects over time, possibly making a display of old projection equipment in the building.  Morton lives in West Linn, while Jim and Jerry Edy live in Sherwood.

The public is welcome to stop by to view the display.

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