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MC Chuck Wagon exhibit grand opening on Saturday, Aug. 10

MC Chuck Wagon exhibit grand opening on Saturday, Aug. 10

At long last, the grand unveiling is night.

The MC Chuck Wagon Exhibit will officially see its grand opening on Saturday, Aug. 10, with a special event set from 1 to 4 p.m. at the heritage site’s location near the junction of highways 395 and 140.

North F Street will be closed between Les Schwab and the former Hall Motor Company dealership building as part of the celebration.

Appropriately, the attendees of the celebration will enjoy taking part in the last meal to ever be served off the chuck wagon.  Tickets are $12, and must be purchased in advance of the event.

The tickets may be purchased at the Lake County Chamber of Commerce, 126 N. E St., or online at www.mcranchchuckwagon.com.

The exhibit’s building construction was recently completed, by design in the style of an old ranch house with a covered porch on three sides.

The site is intended to preserve the cowboy and western heritage of the historic MC Ranch, which was a large cattle, hay and grain ranching operation in the Warner Valley/Adel area.  At the time, it was one of the largest ranch holdings in the state, and eventually was bought piecemeal by several area ranching families in the Warner Valley area.

The main part of the building will house the historic MC Ranch chuck wagon, with a simulated desert scene and cook tent and stove set up for meals, with cowboys’ bedrolls spread about.

Also featured in a small section of the building are saddles, riatas, chaps, bits and hats of many Lake, Harney and Modoc County men that buckarooed for the MC Ranch.

Guests on the program’s schedule include Ranch & Reata magazine editor Bill Reynolds and western artist Jack Swanson.  At the conclusion of the program, the deed of the property will be formally presented to the Town of Lakeview from the family of D.L. ‘Jack’ Nicol.

For more information, contact Amy Thompson at 541-281-7808, via e-mail at amynicholethompson@hotmail.com or visit www.mcchuckwagon.com.

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