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Medical marijuana dispensary regulation sparks further debate

While nothing yet official is in place, steps were taken to reach closer to a final ordinance establishing regulation of medicinal marijuana dispensaries within Lakeview town limits during a work session by Lakeview Town Council on Tuesday, Aug. 11.

The council has until May of 2015 following implementation of a one-year moratorium to decide on how best to regulate the time, manner and place dispensaries can operate within town limits or consider an outright ban. Following the moratorium approval and discussions amongst the council during previous meetings, town attorney John Bogardus was asked to create a preliminary draft ordinance, which was presented during the meeting.

All of the requirements in the ordinance are still up for discussion and alteration, the draft being refined towards a final ordinance to vote on for approval. Among the items struck from the initial draft was the decision to remove churches from the list of areas dispensaries must be located a specific distance away from, citing the issue of an abundance of church locations potentially making it impossible to build a dispensary within town limits capable of being 1,000 feet away from a church.

Also noted was that the ordinance mandates closure of dispensaries on Sundays, which largely removes a which largely removes a conflict of interest in dispensaries being open during or immediately following church services. A 1,000 foot-rule is still planned in the ordinance draft covering parks, schools and daycare facilities.

Additional concerns were raised over screening of employees, background checks, licensure and inspections.

Much of the debate was also focused on taxes. Bogardus raised great concern of the precedent to be set if the Town began taxing one specific product or business, determining that it could be challenged in court as unreasonable. The recommendation made was for the state to tax medicinal marijuana per the current statute, and should recreational marijuana be passed on the November ballot then consider a separate ordinance to tax recreational use.

A work session was again planned for Tuesday, Sept. 9 at Town Hall at 3 p.m. to further discuss refining the draft ordinance to regulate medicinal marijuana.

2 Responses to "Medical marijuana dispensary regulation sparks further debate"

  1. 666 7/8ths.  August 27, 2014 at 8:32 am

    I don’t understand a damn thing you wrote about. This is what happens when you get kicked out of the 3rd grade.

  2. Harvey Winer  August 22, 2014 at 2:36 pm

    Right first marijuana, and then cocaine, and then whatever.

    Hell we can’t even stop kids from smoking electronic cigarettes, and sucking up fumes from model glue, or hookah pipes with legal drugs from peyote to you name it.

    What happen to protecting our kids first, leaving legacy of good, instead of destructive elements like a bunch of dope heads?

    Legalization of marijuana is so bogus, any doctor or pharmacy can supply pills, with the exact ingredients that weed has in it, and no COPD will occur, in the short time period of burnt out brain cells, and short life’s of the next generations, so a few can make more filthy rich monies, using them and all of us,as lab rats, to see how this hippie bull doesn’t work.

    Go ahead vote this disease of the future in, increase imports from those cowardly Mexico Drug Cartels, that has even tunnels into our Border States now, with elect like Governor Perry selling out with sweetheart deals, with their Presidenta’, to get the present Texas revolving doors of crime, and cheap labor with this filthy rich party, of split GOP, that has gone on for decades.

    Create more Jack Rabbit Hills correction centers, and make a bundle off of housing, these drug dope heads for life, at your sworn in legal United States taxpayer voters expense, hell you guys just don’t get it, until you get it, just like our freaking Government too damn little, too damn late, we let these illegals occupiers with kids in tow, violate our none enforced Reagan immigrantation laws for decades, addiction of drugs has gone ramped, and now every thing from Angel Dust, LSD, and Meth are easier to get including Cocaine, for $5 a pop Nationally.

    Wake up Lake County, Weed is just that weed, no good, and should be held to the highest letter of the law, if you use it, it is a crime, and you should pay, for every damn illegal puff of it, no more prison sentences, just fines to stop the cash flow, hell cigarettes are dangerous, but illegal drugs are a one way trip to hell guaranteed!


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