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Midpoint review reflects county’s finances to date

Lake County Treasurer Ann Crumrine recently led a review of the countywide budget that reflected the finances of the county at the fiscal year’s midpoint.

The presentation was conducted during a Tuesday, Jan. 28, Lake County Board of Commissioners work session, and the Lake County Budget Committee was present for the discussion.

To date, the countywide revenue received came in at nearly 92 percent of the prepared budget ($33,679,196 of the $36,670,793 budgeted total).

This figure is reflective of a range from beginning fund balances to local taxes, local resources, federal and state resources and both federal and other grants.

Federal grants would include grants received for public health services and the Drug-Free Communities Grant program, while state resources include funding from the Department of Corrections and Greater Oregon Behavioral Health Initiative (GOBHI).

Federal resources are reflective of the Payment in Lieu of Taxes program, which was attached to the recently-passed federal Farm Bill.

Crumrine reported that the beginning fund balance marked 81 percent of the revenue collected to date.

Statistics associated with the revenue segment of the budget includes an increase in state funding for community corrections, public health, veteran’s services and Early Learning Services.

The renewal of the Secure Rural Schools Act last fall will amount to $2.6 million for Lake County’s schools, roads and the search and rescue program.

To date, salaries have consisted of the largest faction of expenditures (44.5 percent, $2,973,755 overall out of the year’s $6,680,172 budget) followed by materials and services at 39.6 percent ($2,476,504 of a budget of $6,258,903).

Under capital projects, higher-than-anticipated costs associated with an upgrade to the courthouse’s security cameras and card-access locks inflated the budgeted cost from $100,000 to $214,397.12.

Unanticipated projects included the repair of the building’s elevator, which came in at about $80,000.

A remodel of the sheriff’s evidence building (budgeted at $46,000) has seen some engineering work done, but the project may be put on hold for the time being.

Budget committee meetings for the 2014/15 fiscal year will commence in late April.

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