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Missionaries visits Goose Lake Baptist

New Pine Creek’s only church, the First Baptist Church of Goose Lake, was recently visited by Barry and Ellen Farlow, missionaries the church has helped support for the last six years.

The Farlow family has five boys that they brought back to the states during their mission furlough.  During their most recent time as missionaries, they have been living in Curitiba, Brazil, ministering to local churches.

Barry Farlow was the spokesperson for the family, giving a presentation to the church on how the ministry has progressed over time.  “We’ve been working part-time with other missionaries lately.  Our house used to be a school for missionary kids, but now we’re the only missionaries with young kids in town,” said Farlow.

He showed some slides of desert areas in Brazil, commenting that the country wasn’t only composed of rainforest.

Turning to the subject of missions, Farlow said that his work involves a great many areas – discipleship, handing out tracts, visitation, Bible translation and training future pastors were some of the parts he named.

“No one person can do all of this.  Out of a team of missionaries, one can specialize in each area while helping out with others,” said Farlow.  He emphasized that just visiting, or welcoming people into his own house was a very important part of ministry.

“It’s all about building relationships,” he said.  Farlow has also functioned as a minister, translator, and speaker for various functions throughout his time as a missionary.

“The goal of missions is to establish reproducing churches,” he said as a summary of his work.  “Once they are able to have the opportunity, they can establish churches as well.”

He provided examples of the ministry in Brazil already coming full circle, with Brazilian missionaries traveling to places like Africa, India and Mozambique as well as locations within Brazil.  Ultimately, Farlow said, he is trying to work himself out of a job.

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