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Money and trophies won at weekend drag races

Money and trophies won at weekend drag races

Two sets of drag races took place this past weekend at the local strip near the Lakeview Airport.

The Wally Race on Saturday, Aug. 17 awarded three first-place trophies to Melvin Dick in the Super Pro class, Dusty Hahn in the Pro class, and Mickey Duggan in the Sportsman class.

Racers on the following day were awarded cash prizes for first and second places in each class, with Phil Elder as first place Super Pro, Mike Yates in second, leaving Melvin Dick in third.  The Pros first place was Dusty Hahn, with a surprising first-time racer in second, Larry Kravey from Susanville.  Mickey Duggan took the Sportsman first-place prize, with Tami Phillips of Carson City claiming second.

Each first-place winner was given a cash prize of $250 while the second-place winners received $100 each.

Mellsness Logging out of Bly sponsored the cash prizes of Sunday’s race, called the Hy-Desert challenge.  Racers from three different classes were allowed in each race to compete against others from their class based on whether or not the cars have special electronic controls, and achieve certain times on the eighth of a mile strip.

Cars that run the drag strip in 8.3 seconds or more with no electronics are limited to the Sportsman class, while faster cars with no electronics must compete in the Pro class.  The final class allows electronics, but cars must run the strip in 7.99 seconds or faster.  Cars that can make a time faster than 4.5 seconds were not allowed in either class.

Both races were also conducted bracket-style.  Each racer must drive their vehicle in time trials in the morning to set a target time to hit in each competition between two vehicles.  Thus, faster vehicles alone will not win races, but the car with the driver who can come closer to their target time without exceeding it.

In one of the closest final race, Phil Elder beat Mike Yates in the Super Pro class with a double breakout, where both racers exceeded their target times, but Elder by 2 hundredths of a second less than Yates.

After this weekend’s race, Melvin Dick remained in first place in the number of overall points accumulated from races during the year in the Super Pro class. Jesse Alexander is first for the Pro class and Mickey Duggan advanced to first for the Sportsman class.

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