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MOU Struck between KCC and School District

The county’s educational goals came a little closer to fruition during the regular the Lake County School District No. 7 school board meeting on Monday, Feb. 11

In the continued effort to make the newly-named Western Regional Innovation and Learning Center a reality, approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the district and Klamath Community College. As a foundation for what the WRILC will offer, Supt. Sean Gallagher has led talks between KCC Pres. Dr. Roberto Gutierrez and the steering committee to solidify an agreement that will have the Klamath Falls based organization offer their services in Lakeview.

They were moving smoothly and cautiously towards an eventual partnership when a curve ball was thrown into their time-line by the swift exit announced by current Lakeview educational provider Treasure Valley Community College. As they planned to leave the area at the every end of June, Gallagher complimented KCC’s devotion to step up in order to begin offering classes by July 1.

The MOU presented to and approved by the board under condition of legal review by Rob Nichols, solely dealt with KCC’s use of the Daly Middle School building to house it’s involvement in the community.

“It’s a very basic MOU for you to approve,” Gallagher told the board during the meeting.

“The way we’ve rewritten the agreement is after a year we have a position to negotiate. Gutierrez is just trying to get this off the ground.”

Of course, the timeliness was also an important factor in the hurry to open the building for KCC.

“We need to get it going immediately and Lake County Resource Initiative is talking about moving as well,” he said.

Though Gallagher declined to publicly release the MOU until legal review, the board discussed specific items that were included during the meeting.

Specifically, board member Stefani Roseberry asked about language that offered KCC ‘right of first refusal.’

“KCC asked for this language,” Gallagher explained. “It gives them an out if things aren’t working well. They want to make a real big investment in this community. TVCC has 50 students enrolled and we are hoping to actually double that with this center.”

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