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Munch & Movies, starts June 19

Starting Wednesday, June 19, the Chamber of Commerce will be kicking off its second annual Munch & Movies series at the courthouse lawn.

The event begins at dusk, and all are welcome to come.

A large screen will drape down the face of the Lake County Library, with projection equipment brought courtesy the LDS Church and sound system from the Chamber of Commerce.

The first movie on the docket for showing on the 19th is “National Treasure,” a family-friendly flick about renegade Nicholas Cage and his crew trying to steal the Declaration of Independence, but for utilitarian purposes.

This is just the first of 8 movie nights, as the courthouse lawn will be the meeting ground for 8 of the next 9 Wednesdays, starting on June 19, skipping July 3, an ending on Aug. 14.

Those who wish to attend will also enjoy showings of “Field of Dreams,” “Back to the Future,” “Elf,” “Finding Nemo,” “Hook,” “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” and “Despicable Me.”

Munch & Movie goers are encouraged to bring their families, enjoy dinner of their own making or of a local business while watching the films, and take in the combined ambiance of the summer nights, community gathering, and classic movie watching.

“We want to provide community enjoyment and offer opportunities for visitors to have some evening activity,” said Chamber Dir. Tallulah Chiono.

Sponsors for the event thus far include the Chamber of Commerce, Town of Lakeview, Chamber Board of Directors, and the Lake County Library.

The Munch & Movies series launched in 2012 as a new summer event series for local patrons to enjoy on a weekly basis.

For more information, contact the Lake County Chamber at 541-947-6040.

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