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My Two Cents Worth

After reading Donna Veer Kamp and Neil Harvey’s “Don’t Lose Our Freedoms” via the Wednesday, Feb. 12 Lake County Examiner, I’ll offer my two cents worth.

A sizeable majority of the American public today rightly dislikes and has contempt towards members of Congress, including anti-gun Bolshevik state legislators! So do I for that matter!

Perhaps the best word to describe both Salem and Washington, D.C. is the word “extortion!” Extortion is defined as: “The practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force, coercion and threats (shake downs).” Democrats and Republicans alike stand guilty of extortion. Also, for being deceitful, crooked, immoral, socialist and treasonous!

Peter Schweizer’s latest book, “Extortion” (2013) depicts “how politicians extract your money, buy votes, and line their own pockets.” See You Tube for viewing. Washington, D.C. through our outlaw Congress especially, utilizes extortion tactics against states to pass unconstitutional “LBJ/KGB” style legislation: seat belt and helmet laws, gun control (the anti-gun agenda), Obamacare, plus considerably more rotten socialist/collectivist Soviet inspired oppressive laws! At News With Views (http://www.newswithviews.com/) columnist Devvy Kidd rightly lowers the boom on these elected crooks, socialists, and extortionists!

So does Sheriff R Schwiesow in his Dec. 15 commentary: “The Other Side of Corrupt leadership Lies Desolation.”

Meanwhile the Constitution Party of Oregon (http://www.constituitonparty/oregon.net) stands head and shoulders above both Socialist Party A. (Democrats) vs. Socialist Party B. (Republicans). When are voters going to stop re-electing repeat offenders to both Congress and state houses?

James A. Farmer


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