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Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan on Town Agenda

Six years ago, both the county agencies and the towns in Lake County first created a multijurisdictional plan to protect against natural disasters.

The plan, titled the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, requires detailed updates every five years that identify natural hazards in Lake County such as winter storms, natural fires, and floods, according to Lake County Sheriff Phillip McDonald. After listing the possible threats, the plan writers and researchers use a formula based upon history of events, the frequency with which they occurred, as well as how many times they have occurred over a set period of time. It also covers what portion of the population each event would affect. After that process, the formula creates a score and ranks the natural hazards respective to Lake County. It is mostly a proactive measure, looking at ways the entities involved can do before each event so that when said event occurs, the damage is mitigated.

Members of Lake County who helped formulate the plan include Deputy Daniel Tague, Rick Dimilieu, Ron Wilkie, Ronnie Lindsey, Ray Simms, Ken Kestner, the Sheriff McDonald, and Mayor Mike Patrick. The group worked with the University of Oregon on the construction of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, and awaits approval from all entities involved before FEMA officially approves it.

The County adopted it by resolution on Tuesday, July 30, and the Town of Paisley was scheduled to adopt it in its Tuesday, Aug. 6 meeting.

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