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Needy traveler gets some help and hospitality

Lakeivew good samaritans helped an Idaho man continue on his way after he found himself nearly broke on Friday, Nov. 15.  The man, whose name is Gary Goodson, had been looking for his daughter in California according to Christy Prenevost of Town Hall.

Goodson came into the Lakeview Town Hall looking to see if there was anywhere to get a shower and wash his clothing.  He bought coffee in Jerry’s Restaurant earlier where he was overheard talking about his situation by Dave Staub, who filled up Goodson’s gas tank. Staub commented it was a situation where under other circumstances he might not have helped, but thought Goodson seemed legitimate.

After filling the man’s gas tank, which Staub said took only a few gallons, the man drove over to Town Hall and was treated to breakfast at Tall Town Café by Prenevost.

According to her he said he was down to change when he got to Lakeview, trying to get back to the east side of Oregon.  He asked her to look up the mileage from Lakeview to Ontario, and thought he could make it with a full tank of gas.

“This never happens,” Goodson said to Prenevost, wanting to try and find a way to pay her back later.  She told him just to pay it forward.  Samantha Frischman-Pool, who also works in the Town Hall, gave him some money on his way out.

Goodson told Prenevost he found out that his daughter was actually in Walla Walla, which is where he was eventually headed.

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