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New 500-kilowatt solar facility slated for Lakeview

Obsidian Renewables is looking to construct another large-scale solar energy generation facility in Lakeview, according to the firm’s vice-president, Todd Gregory.

On the table is a 500-kilowatt facility that would located adjacent to their existing sites south of Stock Drive in Lakeview.

The property currently houses Obsidian’s 363-kilowatt facility as well as the 2-megawatt Black Cap solar site constructed by Pacific Power & Light, Gregory said.

The new site will generate 900,000 kilowatt hours per year, which Gregory said is equivalent to about 20 homes worth of power, on average.

Comparatively, the company’s 363-kilowatt site generates 650,000 kilowatt hours annually, while the 2-megawatt Black Cap site generates 3.6 million kilowatt hours on a yearly basis, he said.

“The technology will be very similar to the existing projects out there,” Gregory said, noting a single-tracking mechanism would be implemented for following the sun’s position.

Construction for the new project is expected to commence in late August or early September, Gregory said, with an estimated total of 6 to 8 weeks for completion.

Contractors from the previous construction efforts look forward to an opportunity to return to Lake County, Gregory said, and local subcontractors are expected to be utilized one again.

“The subcontractors here were some of the best (the contractors) had seen in the country,” he said.

The project falls under Pacific Power & Light’s feed-in tariff program, Gregory said,  which essentially provides for a 15-year power purchase agreement with the utility company on this project.

The program allows for varied scale projects, ranging from small to medium developments (4 to 10 kilowatts) to those of a larger capacity (100 to 500 kilowatts), Gregory said.

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