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New Agenda Needed

Treason, treachery, sell out, and subversion against our republic remains alive and well among the Washington, D.C. socialist elite!

Take former U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Steven’s “Six Amendments: How And Why We Should Change The Constitution.” Really now? Bear in mind the Second Amendment is likewise in the crosshairs to be amended (perverted and distorted of course!) to misinterpret the original meaning of our founders who intended private gun ownership as an individual right, and not  collective as the socialist elitists would brainwash Americans into accepting!

The June 9, issue of The New American, the bi-weekly periodical magazine of The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wis., at www.thenewamerican.com and www.jbs.org respectively, exposes this dishonest and deceitful political agenda for what it is: “treason!”

So does JPFO, Inc. “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization” at www.jpfo.org.

Devvy Kidd at News With Views via www.newswithviews.com rightly deserves respect, support, and credibility for shining the spotlight on our “outlaw Congress!” When is this Soviet inspired “LBJ/KGB” socialist collectivism going to stop? Will it ever? If enough free thinking Americans, voters, gun owners, NRA members, Christians, Catholics etc., unite, rise up, demand accountability from their elected members of Congress, the Judiciary, and our state legislatures, and those in Washington, D.C., then perhaps these attacks against our republic can be halted!

Finally, bear in mind “Agenda: Grinding America Down 2010” by Chris Bowers.

  James A. Farmer


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